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Why Conversational UI?

Messaging has become the preferred channel for quickly getting things done. The Klüg conversational UI platform uses AI and machine learning to connect users to enterprise systems using everyday language.

EXAMPLE: We’ve all checked an order status after an online purchase. This usually prompts a journey of password resets, multiple sites and copy/pasting tracking numbers.

A chatbot built on Klüg takes does the work for you. It will authenticate, make a few API calls and you’ll know that, “Your package arrives tomorrow after 3pm”

Conversational UI Use Cases

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Klüg Makes It Easy

We work with your existing tech stack to get to market quickly. Klüg’s library of integrations spans the web, app mobile, voice and most CRM, ITSM, HRIS systems.

Conversations can be customized to match your brand voice and personality.

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Smart Enough to Get Help

Deep collaboration and iterative UX design go create conversations with an authentic mix of buttons, carousels and free text that rapidly achieve objectives.

An equal amount of design and engineering go into getting an expert involved when Klüg does not have an answer. Depending on your chat tool, Klüg can do a live agent hand-off or route intelligently to an expert’s queue.

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Wisdom of the Crowd

Maintain chatbots built on Klüg efficiently, without the need for engineers.

In our multitenant architecture, all instances share the same infrastructure. Every instance enjoys: seamless, automatic upgrades;
a steady cadence of new integrations and features.

We’re also capitalizing on the potential for public (shared) NLP training on common words and phrases across our platform; while preserving the option for privacy.

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Measure Success

Admins can track conversation volume; identify trending topics; and understand escalation points in real time. Survey user satisfaction and use sentiment analysis to capture feedback.

Then use intuitive tools to modify copy or train on new words or phrases.

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