Klüg Gets Things Done  


We combine chatbots with enterprise integrations to automate workflow for customers and employees.


Solutions. Not Answers

Klüg goes beyond simply serving a FAQ. It quickly automates processes that allow you to qualify leads, book sales meetings, triage / route support inquiries, onboard new employees and deliver unique marketing event experiences.

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Klüg Makes It Easy

We work the way you do. Klüg works with most enterprise systems and leverages your tech stack across Web, CRM, ITSM, HRIS. It can also match your brand voice and personality.

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Wisdom of the Crowd

In a multitenant architecture, all instances share the same infrastructure and the same version of the Klüg platform. Every instance enjoys: seamless, automatic upgrades;
a steady cadence of new integrations and features; the potential for public (shared) NLP training on common words and phrases

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Smart Enough to Get Help

Deep user collaboration and iterative UX design go into our bots. Conversations with Klüg include an authentic mix of buttons, carousels and free text that align to your brand.

An equal amount of design and engineering go into getting an expert involved when Klüg does not have an answer. Depending on your chat tool, Klüg can do a live agent hand-off or route intelligently to an expert’s queue.

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Measure Success

Track conversation volume; identify trending topics; and understand escalation points in real time. Survey user satisfaction and use sentiment analysis to capture feedback.

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