3 Types of Bot Companies, and how to choose the right one for your organization

While all bots should solve a business problem involving customer or employee experience, companies can approach this problem in various ways depending on how they choose to build a bot.

Here, we’ve outlined the three ways in which enterprises can prototype and launch a chatbot. The three parts of the spectrum are: self-serve, design consulting, and end-to-end development.


These companies provide the platform to brainstorm and prototype before the customer decides to develop.


Chatfuel is known for their templates for those who want to create a quick prototype for a Facebook Messenger bot. They emphasize Messenger bots for marketing, sales and support.


Sequel brands itself as the platform to create media and entertainment bots without any coding, as it has flowcharts that show what kind of options you can give your user. There is also NLP to have the bot understand common phrases in each phase of the bot.


Botmock emphasizes its drag-and-drop editor to make designing and editing conversational copies as intuitive as possible.

Design Consulting

Chatbots Agency

The agency provide design consulting and do full-stack development, all managed under project management. They were behind Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot.

Momentum Design Lab

Momentum performs research, product strategy, design and development.

VUI Agency

Because of the hyper-popularity around voice interface like Alexa and Home, many agencies are focusing specifically on delivering voice experiences for major brands’ consumers.

End-to-End Development


We are a product development company that takes a holistic approach to defining the kind of product we need to help customers get things done. Bots is one of our products. We work with your developers, designers and NLP trainers to integrate with your existing systems to create a seamless experience.


IQVIS is a software development company that develops customized chatbots across various platforms such as Microsoft bot framework, Slack, Facebook and others.


Aivo is a customer service solution that provides an omnichannel strategy that believes in people and AI technology working together to deliver a solution for customers.


Peerbits describes itself as the leading mobile app development company in USA and Canada. They integrate natural language processing, data mining and pattern recognition in company apps.

Klug provides solutions, not answers, to problems your organization may be facing. To see how we can build bots as part of your business strategy, talk to us here.