Supercharge Support & Service


Engage customers in the channel they prefer, 24/7. Bring them precise, personalized solutions via integrations with your CRM, HCM, ERP or Knowledge Base.


Macro Trends Prompting an Evolution in Support

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Reach +80% Deflection

Deflect more tickets by making knowledge articles and self-serve options easily available via mobile - in the user’s channel of choice.

The AI intelligently routes tickets to the best team. And, it adapts when the user switches context from one objective to another.

Conversation flows become scalable and extensible in near real-time with integrations to your back-office systems.


Measure Success

Admins track conversation volume; identify trending topics; and understand escalation points in real time.

Survey user satisfaction and use sentiment analysis to capture feedback.

Intuitive tools empower non-engineers to efficiently maintain the chatbot. They can quickly modify copy or train the bot on new words.

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We pull from a global team of +30 with rich bot development experience. They bring together backgrounds in design; reporting, AI research; NLP training; and Machine Learning to capture your use case.

Klüg Makes it Easy

We work the way you do. You've established a tech stack across Web, CRM, ITSM, HRIS and internal/external messaging. Klüg connects easily to your existing systems and workflow with robust API endpoints

efficient maintenance

Klüg provides analytics to track conversations as they evolve and the tools to change with them. Our multi-tenant platform brings seamless, automatic upgrades and a steady cadence of new integrations and features

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